Out of the Abyss

Session 6.5 - Chapter Two

The Terror From The Abyss

The Party
Katyr, the moon elf warlock – played by @Katalept
Tabi, the gnome barbarian – played by @londel26 (absent)
Rha’taba, the rakshasa tiefling bounty hunter – played by @Sizzlork
Katya, the tiefling sorcerer (flinger of insults) – played by @ChopChopJapchae (absent)
Birdy, the halfling druid – played by @Drgnfly420
Morohtar, the shady wood elf – played by @Adam1984_

The Setting
The Underdark, far beneath the surface of the Sword Coast in the Forgotten Realms.
Sloobludop, Kou-toa village on the shore of the Darklake.

Chaos in the Village
The Prince of Demons waded into the village docks with murder in its eyes and striking fear and madness upon those who saw what was coming. The stunned Kuo-toa kept chanting and groveling. Those in the party that were not affected by the madness helped the few they could reach in time and fled the docks with all haste. Sarith went to Rha’taba and slapped him out of his paralysis and started to the agreed upon meeting place, the archpriest’s hut. Katya shouted ‘RUN!’ to anyone who could hear and immediately fled the docks. Ront began a frenzy, attacking the nearest living being one after another. He struck Sarith in the shoulder as the drow ran by. Katyr moved to help Morohtar who appeared to be in a daze and was doing what anyone told him to do. Birdy was still in her bear form and ran over to attempt to help Tabi, when Tabi just took off running at top speed away from the docks. She checked on Prince Derendil and saw that he was swatting at foes that appeared to not be there. Topsy bent down and began eating the soil in a vain attempt to satiate her madness induced appetite. Her brother Turvy passed out completely overwhelmed. Jimjar began screaming, laughing and crying hysterically seemingly all at the same time. Seeing that very few were able to be saved and having Ront attack and attempt to kill her, Birdy went in the direction that Tabi fled and caught up with her.

Demogorgon reached the shore and began eliminating everything it could see. First the crying screams of Jimjar were silenced suddenly as the space he occupied a moment ago was crushed by a tentacle. Then, Ront was turned into a bloody mist as he was swatted by a different tentacle. The Prince of Demons made short work of anyone remaining at the docks over the next couple of minutes.

After meeting back at the hut of the Kuo-toa archpriest, they were able to gather Stool, and talk to Shuushar. Shuushar explained that he would flee the area and attempt to rebuild the village after coming back if there were enough villagers left and bid the party farewell. Sarith noticed some potions and bags of coins at a small altar in the hut and mentions it to the party who then grab what they can before leaving the hut and fleeing the village out the south west gate.

Just outside the gate, they came upon Hemeth, the dreugar that was about to be sacrificed at the altar of the Deep Father just before the fighting broke out with the party. He was collapsed on the ground still attempting to run, but too exhausted to do so. They party calmed him down and realized he was in the same state as Morohtar, and would follow their direction.

After what felt like hours, but was more like minutes, the madness effects wore off and the party took refuge to assess their situation and come up with a new plan on where to go next. Feeling that the lake was now the most dangerous path to get to the Neverlight grove, they changed their route to head around the Darklake and to the dreugar city of Gracklstugh.



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