Out of the Abyss

Session 5 - Chapter Two

The Longest Journey

The Party
Katyr, the moon elf warlock – played by @Katalept (absent)
Tabi, the gnome barbarian – played by @londel26
Rha’taba, the rakshasa tiefling bounty hunter – played by @Sizzlork
Katya, the tiefling sorcerer (flinger of insults) – played by @ChopChopJapchae (absent)
Birdy, the halfling soon-to-be druid – played by @Drgnfly420
Morohtar, the shady wood elf – played by @Adam1984_

The Setting
The Underdark, far beneath the surface of the Sword Coast in the Forgotten Realms.

Journey To The Darklake II (The Darkening):
The webbing had everyone on edge, and scanning their surroundings for any sign of the creatures that might have made the webs. They moved slowly and methodically burning away the thick strands and pressing through the dark passages. In one of the areas they came across that was widened out a bit, Rha’taba happened to notice movement along the ceiling and warned the party that there was a ‘worm-like’ creature with five foot long tentacles writhing around from what appeared to be the head. They had come across a Carrion Crawler using the area to scavenge for food. It dropped from the ceiling and tried to paralyze and bite anyone in its range, but was quickly taken out by the party in a matter of seconds.

With that danger out of the way, they continued for the rest of the day, and once they left the web congested area, found a suitable place to rest for a few hours. They seemed to be keeping their same luck and went unmolested during the night and the next ‘day’ they continued on, getting closer and closer to Shuushar’s village. Shuushar mentioned that they should be close to the village with one more day of travel.

Fortunately, a very secure looking shelter was found for the group to take a rest before continuing on. However, upon investigating the shelter it was discovered that there was a Beholder currently in residence. A few were able to identify the creature as actually being a Gas Spore, which look very similar to a Beholder. As most of the party fled the area, Rha’taba shot the Gas Spore from a distance and popped it, preventing anyone from being exposed to the diseased gas. After letting the shelter air out for a while, the party made camp and spent the ‘night’ secure and unharmed.

The next morning Shuushar began leading them the final leg to his village, Sloobludop. When the party was only an hour outside the village, they were met by a patrol of Kuo-toa. The party tried to parley with the patrol, but the patrol seemed set on confrontation. The Kuo-toa formation was charged by Ront who was quickly snared in a net. Battle was joined by the rest of the party as the patrol advanced and began catching them in nets. During the battle, the Kuo-toa were heard to shout ‘For the Deep Father!’ a number of times. Part way through the fight, another patrol appeared and joined in as well. The group of escaped prisoners fearing being quickly outnumbered fought back and killed a couple of the patrol as Ront was knocked unconscious.

Will they be able to get to Sloobludop on their own power, or will they be brought before whoever or whatever this ‘Deep Father’ is? Find out next session!



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