Out of the Abyss

Session ???

Still trying to get to under_town...

to find a cleric to help bring back Katya to us. And finally, we might get to really rest for a moment. However, we would still have to be careful in the light that we could be caught again! nope Nope NOPE! NOPITY NOPE!

We’ve been meeting other travelers here in the dark as we continue trudging along. The new guy we met recently was an interesting Trog guy who was studying the evil and demon craziness that has begun to wrinkle through the under and spread like fungus. He mentions there are 4 other members of his that he is also looking for. They are researchers and have come together to share their skills to further their understandings of the below.


I didn’t think anyone was reading these so I stopped spending time creating them. ;)

Session ???

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