Out of the Abyss

Session 4 - Chapter Two

...And Into The Fire.

The Party
Katyr, the moon elf warlock – played by @Katalept (absent)
Tabi, the gnome barbarian – played by @londel26
Rha’taba, the rakshasa tiefling bounty hunter – played by @Sizzlork
Usef, the human cleric of Tempus – played by @charlesramsey4 (absent)
Katya, the tiefling sorcerer (flinger of insults) – played by @ChopChopJapchae (absent)
Sa’t’eev, the half-elf ranger – played by @CosmicCandi
Birdy, the halfling soon-to-be druid – played by @Drgnfly420 (left early)
Morohtar, the shady wood elf – played by @Adam1984_

The Setting
The Underdark, far beneath the surface of the Sword Coast in the Forgotten Realms.

Journey To The Darklake:
As the battle continued, the party had more members coming awake and responding to help out. The tide turned and three of the drow were brought low. As the last visible drow was blown back with a thunderwave from Birdy, she heard a familiar voice coming from further down the tunnel. Everyone heard Balok shout to fall back, their location was noted and soon Ilvara would be arriving personally.

Figuring they would not be able to take on Ilvara and her entourage, the group quickly grabbed their belongings and fled. Still exhausted from a full day’s travel, they did manage a short break to rest and get their bearings. Taking a faster pace the second ‘day’ on the run in the underdark, they managed to keep ahead of the pursuing drow priestess and her group.

While they were travelling through a seemingly unremarkable tunnel that looked just like every other tunnel they have gone through the ground violently shook a few times in succession. Suddenly a fissure opened up behind the group and a lava flow poured into the tunnel, filling the tunnel and quickly overtaking the party. They ran as fast as they could but some were not able to stay ahead of the molten rock. Eldeth was the first to be overtaken, and was not even able to scream as the flow enveloped her all at once. Everyone was running for their lives. Katya tripped, and Buppido appeared to attempt to help, but instead pushed her back further. Usef noticed this and tackled Buppido allowing Katya to get up and keep ahead of the wall of death approaching. Usef and Buppido were soon gone forever. The rest of the party were able to make it to safety and started to look for a good place to stop and rest and recover.

While scouting around looking for a safe location they were able to find a small pond and some fungus around for food. After scavenging the area and collecting food, the party noticed a group of drow moving through the area, three of which were riding on giant lizards. The group of drow introduced themselves as traders and offered to sell the party some equipment, if they had anything of value to trade. The drow looked the party up and down and noticed they were mostly in their underclothes and poorly equipped for strolling through the underdark. The traders were somewhat generous with their trades (uncharacteristic for drow) and a few items were purchased The party quickly figured out that they were going to be ‘sold out’ to the drow party chasing them at the first opportunity. Unable to afford the price it would cost to keep the traders silent, the party prudently decided to move on and go find a better location to rest and recover.

They found a somewhat secure location to rest and camped out for the ‘night’. When they awoke the next morning they found that Sa’t’eev had vanished leaving behind a note and some of his gear wrapped in a leathery mushroom skin.

Note from Sa’t’eev’s journal:

  • … Not long after we came across a group Drow merchants. I was able to get a long bow and some arrows from them with My resources. I think soon, I’ll make My way back to the surface. I hate to leave these fellers, they seem like good people. However, I feel my calling is elsewhere. I wish them well in their future travels. May Sylvanus keep and protect them.

Accepting the loss of yet another member of their traveling group, they mournfully continued on the path leading to the Darklake and Shuushar’s village.

After a few more days of travel, and surprisingly nothing unusual happened during their voyage, they finally came to a tunnel that was completely blocked off by thick layers of webbing.

Find out what happens next week… from Out of the Abyss…

In Memory
Usef Brokensheild
Eldeth Feldrun



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