Out of the Abyss

Session 2 - Chapter One

A Daring Escape Plan

The Party
Katyr, the moon elf warlock – played by @Katalept
Tabi, the gnome barbarian – played by @londel26
Rha’taba, the rakshasa tiefling bounty hunter – played by @Sizzlork
Usef, the human cleric of Tempus – played by @charlesramsey4
Katya, the tiefling sorcerer (flinger of insults) – played by @ChopChopJapchae
Sa’t’eev, the half-elf ranger – played by @CosmicCandi
Birdy, the halfling soon-to-be druid – played by @Drgnfly420
Morohtar, the shady wood elf – played by @Adam1984_

The Setting
The Underdark, far beneath the surface of the Sword Coast in the Forgotten Realms.
Velkynvelve, drow slave camp outpost that ships slaves to Menzoberranzan.

Onwards To Battle:
This battle probably won’t go down in the annals of history as being the most fair fight, but it was exhilarating. It took place between the eighteen prisoners being held in captivity and three drow guard that were unfortunate enough to be the last to get their gear after the alarm horns blew. The drow were just set to leave the guardhouse and head to the main battle to defend the outpost from the demon incursion when the door leading to the prison was opened and through with flowed the prisoners set for revenge.

While the battle was short in the sense of the time that passed from initiating combat to its conclusion, it seemed to last forever in the minds of those taking part.

The first thing the deep gnomes tried to do was blind the drow and put them at a huge disadvantage. One drow was successfully blinded by Topsy. Then the more formidable looking drow warrior lifted himself off the ground and shot at Rha’taba striking a wound and poisoning him with the drow poison. This was not enough poison to knock him out, but it was a serious wound.

After the blinded drow was critically punched by Sa’t’eev, he was blasted with a max damage firebolt from Katya and taken out of commision before even registering what was happening. With a resounding “Suck it!” from the sorceress.

Then Sarith blankets half the room in faerie fire and was able to light up the only living drow left on the ground while the floating elite drow was able to avoid being affected.

Rha’taba rushed into the room and attempted to use a nearby table to jump off of and grab the floating drow but was not able to get the reach needed to bring him down.

The third drow guard was wounded by the quaggoth, Prince Derendil feeling his quaggoth side taking over in the heat of battle.

Turvy rushed into the room next and attempted to blind the floating drow but was unsuccessful.

The barbarian Tabi sprints past everyone to get closer to the battle and prepares to do battle.

Ront wants to take down the floating drow and runs under him to get in position to climb the rope ladder. Ront attempts to punch the drow on his level and gets entangled in the ladder.

Usef enters the room heals Rha’taba then brings holy flame to damage the elite drow floating over the combat.

Jimjar got in a good position to blind the drow guard and successfully blinded the drow on the ground who swings wildly at the quaggoth and was able to cause damage even while blinded.

Topsy threatens the drow to surrender or they will “bury you under our bodies!” then proceeded to blind the elite warrior.

Birdy enters the room and attempts to cast charm person on the elite drow warrior and was not able to land it successfully.

The next moment the entire room went dark from a darkness spell.

With some shuffling about and muttering about the darkness, Rha’taba was able to strike a blow against the drow guard in the darkness. Prince Derendil, hearing the impact and ‘umpf’ directly in front of him, he slashes out taking the drow guard down with a solid blow.

Some maneuvering took place next as the prisoners search for where the elite drow went. Sa’t’eev and Tabi were able to pick up shortswords from the two drow guards to arm themselves. Rha’taba was able to locate and arm himself with a dropped hand crossbow and some bolts.

Ront, Usef, Jimjar, and Morohtar eventually scramble up to the second floor and begin searching the armory for arms and armor. They were looking for their personal effects, and unable to find them up in the armory.

Just as Turvy, Tabi and Birdy exit the room through the only other door and take up positions outside on the other rope bridge. Birdy considered advancing to the next stalactite in search of their possessions but was held up by Tabi who mentioned it was not wise to separate and go out on her own.

The group up in the armory began searching through the chests and were finding armor and other adventuring gear, but none of it was their personal items so far.

Those standing out on the rope bridge were then surprised to see the remaining drow step out of the darkness right in front of them. Still blinded and unable to know for sure who it was on the bridge, the drow lashed out at Turvy and missed him. Turvy backed away from the blind drow and allowed Tabi to step up and intercede. Shortly after, Sa’t’eev, Buppido, Katya, Rha’taba, and Katyr all come out behind the drow and attempt to trap the drow between the two groups. Katya blasted the drow in the back with a firebolt and suddenly the darkness in the room went away.

The end of the battle came by the words of Birdy moments later when she was successful in her casting of Charm Person on the drow making him become her friend. After some tense moments the party was able to interrogate their new ‘friend’, Balok, about the location of their personal effects. He told them they should be in the High Priestesses chambers somewhere. Since they didn’t know if she was currently in her chamber or out fighting the demons, they sent Balok in to see if she was there.

While waiting for the drow to return, they passed out the weapons and armor they found in the armory above the guardhouse.

Tune in next week to find out if they are successful in retrieving their personal items and what they will do next!



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