Out of the Abyss

Session 1 - Chapter One

Captured by Drow

The Party
Katyr, the moon elf warlock – played by @Katalept
Tabi, the gnome barbarian – played by @londel26
Rha’taba, the rakshasa tiefling bounty hunter – played by @Sizzlork
Usef, the human cleric of Tempus – played by @charlesramsey4
Katya, the tiefling sorcerer (flinger of insults) – played by @ChopChopJapchae
Sa’t’eev, the half-elf ranger – played by @CosmicCandi
Birdy, the halfling soon-to-be druid – played by @Drgnfly420
Morohtar, the shady wood elf – played by @Adam1984_

The Setting
The Underdark, far beneath the surface of the Sword Coast in the Forgotten Realms.
Velkynvelve, drow slave camp outpost that ships slaves to Menzoberranzan.

And So It Begins:
Captured! Each adventurer was waylaid in their travels on the surface world by a band of Drow and brought to the outpost, Velkynvelve. One by one they were stripped of all their belongings and were left with only their underclothes to keep them from the chill of the underdark caverns. The outpost was a grouping of stalactites and a ledge in a casm strung together by rope bridges and only accessible by a bucket and rope ‘lift’ on the far end of the ledge. The commander of the outpost, Mistress Ilvara Mizzrym, keeps a close watch on her outpost and tells the prisoners to accept their fate, or they will wish they had.

The captives were brought out one by one to complete chores around the compound, such as operating the lift, scrubbing the dirty floors, disposing of chamber pots into the pool below the waterfall, or simply breaking rocks seemingly for no other purpose than to entertain the cruel Drow slavers. During these jobs some of the captives were able to secret away some semi-useful items and ended up hiding them around the slave pen they were being held in.

They were not the only beings being kept as potential slaves for the markets of Menzoberranzan. There were 10 others being held awaiting the arrival of a caravan that would take them to their final destination before being sold into slavery.

  • They met Buppido, a derro that seemed to be pleasant and agreeable to any idea brought up. He seemed to think everything was happening for a reason.
  • Next was Prince Derendil, who looked anything but a prince. Apparently claims to be a cursed High Elf Prince of a far off forest kingdom. Cursed by an evil wizard to the appearance of a quaggoth, he only seeks to be released from the curse and return to his people.
  • There was also Eldeth Feldrun a shield dwarf from Gauntlgrym. She was wanting nothing more than to return to the surface world and back to her home.
  • Jimjar the gambler and sly deep gnome, was repeatedly heard to make bets on anything and well… anything. He claimed to be from Blingdenstone and mentioned he doesn’t trust Topsy and Turvy.
  • The orc Ront’s war party was attacked and he alone survived. He said he fell into a hole and was forced to wander the underdark for days until he was captured by the drow slavers.
  • Sarith Kzekarit, himself a drow was accused of murdering another drow in a fit of rage. He himself claimed to have no memory of the incident and wants to escape and take his travelling companion, Stool, back to his home. He avoided talking to the other prisoners either due to haughtiness or his own puzzlement at his current predicament.
  • Stool is a sprout myconid. He is from the Neverlight Grove. He wants to return to his kin. jiggle
  • Shuushar, the Awakened as he referred to himself was a kuo-toa of remarkable sanity. He showed he is a pacifist and wants nothing to do with fighting. He was resigned to becoming a slave, and only went along with the plan of escape because everyone else was leaving. He claimed to be familiar with the area of the underdark around the Darklake and his kuo-toa village Sloobludop is located on it’s shore. He mentioned that the best route to get to the Neverlight Grove was by boat, and the best place to get boats was his village.
  • Topsy and Turvy were a pair of deep gnomes. Brother and sister, they were stuck together most of their time in the slave pen. Topsy usually had to translate for her brother because he was always mumbling and talking in low whispers. They were originally from Blingdenstone, but were more open to staying with the group.

After a week of work for most of the adventurers and other prisoners, Jorlan, the elite guard that had a maimed face mentioned to Sa’t’eev and Rha’taba, when no other drow were in earshot, “If I could offer you a means of escape, would you take it?”

Fearing a trap but at the same time with little else as a plan, they decide to go with Jorlan’s plan and make their escape after the iron gate was left unsecured and Jorlan set about distracting the other guards. Just as the band of prisoners attempt to leave their slave pen, other-worldly screeching and buzzing was heard throughout the cavern. Moments later demons fly by and appeared to be attacking each other. The alarm horns of the outpost sound as the demons notice the drow on the ledge during their fight and take their fight onto the ledge. Shouts and fighting can be heard amongst the demonic screeching and incessant buzzing that droned on as demon fought demon and drow alike.

The massive battle taking place grabbed the attention of most all the drow and allowed the group to cross the rope bridge into the first guard house stalactite where they noticed three drow getting weapons and gear to join the battle all around.

Thus the first session of this tale had come to an end… Tune in next week for the upcoming escape!



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